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  Web Credits

Television Credits

The Actors

Philip Akin
David Alpay
Liane Balaban
Mark Breslin
Seán Cullen
Maurice Dean Wint
Diane Fabian
Colm Feore
Paul Gross
Barbara Hannigan
Jessica Holmes
Martin Houtman
Cathy Jones
Joel Katz
Kristin Lehman
Sarah Manninen
Bob Martin
Debra McGrath
Mark McKinney
Shannon Mercer
Colin Mochrie
Paul O’Sullivan
Leah Pinsent
Zorana Sadiq
Jean Stilwell
Scott Thompson

The Singers

Isabel Bayrakdarian
Peter McGillivray
Russell Braun
Doug MacNaughton
Benjamin Butterfield
Shannon Mercer
Michael Colvin
Ann Monoyios
Barbara Hannigan
Zorana Sadiq
Martin Houtman
Jean Stilwell
Joel Katz
Krisztina Szabo

Performed by Esprit Orchestra
Alex Pauk, Conductor

  Larry Weinstein

  Jessica Daniel
    Matthew Hornburg
    Larry Weinstein
Executive Producer
  Niv Fichman

  Alexina Louie
  Dan Redican

Director of Photography
  David Franco
  David New
Production Designer
  Marian Wihak
Costume Designer
  Anne Dixon

Production Manager

  Roberta J. Pazdro

1 st Assistant Director

  Trent Hurry
2 nd Assistant Director
  Michelle Michals
Camera Operator
  Harald Ortenburger
Location Sound
  Michael Lacroix
1 st Assistant Camera
  Carolyn Cox
2 nd Assistant Camera
  Caroline Campbell
Production Coordinator
  Andrea Nesbitt
  Andrew Lane
Casting Consultants
  John Buchan
  Jason Knight
Script Supervisor
  Selene Strilesky
Location Manager
  Don Cornelius
Asst. Location Manager
  Don Booth
  “Fast” Eddy Mikolic
Best Boy Electric
  Mick Reynolds
  Byrd Dickens
  Frank Nemeth
  Mick Reynolds
Key Grip
  Neil Fraser
Best Boy Grip
  Adam McDonald
  Donnie Armstrong
Generator Operator
  Gary Simpson
Set Decorator
  Patti Cuccia
Assistant Costume Designer
  Julie O'Brien
Props Master
  Julia Wille
Assistant Props
  Tyler Unrau
Storyboard Artist
  Ben Mazzotta
On-Set Wardrobe Supervisor
  Amber Honor
1 st Asst. Art Director
  Alistair Edwardson
Trainee Asst. Art Director
  Chris Gotzamanis
Key Makeup Artist
  Sylvie Mazerolle
Key Hair Artist
  Jeanette Stawiarski
Lead Dresser
  Sean Lacey
Production Accountant
  Linda Darras
Asst. Production Coordinator
  Stacey Jenkins
Extras Casting
  Kay Denver
3 rd A.D
  Colleen Harding
Production Assistants
  Dave Lembke
  Lisa Hanshar
Locations P.A.
  Igor Zambeli
Transport Coordinator
  Chris Radley-Walters
Driver Captain
  Tim Fagan
  Ralph Graham
  John Osmokrovic
  Kevin Robbin
  Michael O'Hara
  Peter Stergiou
  Mary Jozsuai
Special FX Supervisor
  Max MacDonald
Sound Consultant
  John Thomson
  Absolutely Famished
Craft Service
  Hot ‘N Ready
On-Set Servers
  Caitlin Veitch
  Aaron MacPherson
Post Production Supervisor
  Matt Cahill
Assistant Editor
  Angela Fong
Video Post & CGI
  Optix Digital Pictures
  David Hedley
3D Artist
  Sam Javanrouh
Audio Post
  Tattersall Sound and Picture
Sound & Music Editor
  Dave Rose
Re-recording Mixer
  Lou Solakofski
Assistant Re-recording Mixer
  Kirk Lynds
Foley Artist
  Donna Powell
Foley Assistant
  Kathryn Crosthwait
Foley Recordist
  Erik Culp
ADR Recordists
  Jakob Thiesen
  Robert DiGioia
Music Producer
  Peter Cook
Music Recording Engineer
  Ron Skinner
Add'l Music Production
  Matthew Baird
EPK Producer
  Andrew Lane
EPK Camera
  Barry Smith
EPK Audio
  Dennis Hill
Stills Photographers
  Annabel Reyes
  Steve Wilkie
  Peter Stranks

Workshop Artists

Doug MacNaughton (all baritone voices)
Zorana Sadiq (all soprano voices)
Martin Houtman (all tenor voices)
Christopher Foley (Piano)
Dennis Patterson (Music Engineer)

For Rhombus Media

  Sheena Macdonald
Associate Producer
  Barbara Willis Sweete
VP Business and Legal Affairs
  Austin Wong
Business Affairs Co-ordinator
  Mary Argirakis
  Linda Pope
Production Accountant
  Dominic Stubbs
Distribution Associate
  Laura Macaulay
Office Co-ordinator
  Kelda Cummings

For marblemedia

  Mark Bishop
Business Affairs
  Philippa King
  Shirley Arella
Office Co-ordinator
  Tricia Griffith
Interactive Producer
  Cameron Mitchell

For Esprit Orchestra

Executive Director
Emily Wilkinson
Orchestra Personnel Manager
Jerry Robinson
Robert Sherrin
Executive Producer of Arts Programming
For Bravo! FACT
Judy Gladstone
Executive Director
Wolfgang Bergmann
Head of TV Theatre Department
For CBC Records
Randy Barnard
General Manager

A Very Special Thanks to:

Horst Zeidler
  Doug MacNaughton
Donna Feore
  Neil Crory
Andra Sheffer
  Charles Zamaria
Ed Donnelly Gass
  Danny Iron
The Toothpaste Gang
  Elle Gadsby
Mary Morrison
  Shannon Patterson
Geordie Telfer
  Marina Mitilinellis
Jo Penney
  Deb Fels
Renee Campbell
  Linda Hanchar
Julie Soebekti
  Paul Littlefield
Richard Hewett
  Wilfred Moore
Robert Melvin
  Viliam Hrubovcak
Lucien Walleart
  Sarah Baird
Fred and Alice Hornburg
  Marilyn and Bill Weinstein

Leah, Helen & Kathy
Robert, Judy, Jan & Wolfgang
Jade & Jasmine
Mary, Ali & Dania

Inadvertent Product Placements (with Thanks!)
Wonderbread (Interstate Bakeries Corp)
Cuisinart (Conair)
Master Choice
TV Guide Canada
Procter & Gambel Inc.
Ph u`- King Toothpaste Corp.
“Queen of the Night”
From the Magic Flute
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sung by Maria Niklova (1927)
Emblardisque no. 756

Burnt Toast
Concept Developed by

Alexina Louie • Dan Redican • Larry Weinstein • Matthew Hornburg

Produced with the participation of the
Canadian Television Fund
created by the Government of Canada
and the Canadian Cable Industry
CTF: Licence Fee Program
Telefilm Canada : Equity Investment Program

Produced in association with
the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Channel Four Television Corporation
ZDF in cooperation with ART

Bravo! FACT,
A Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent,
supported by Bravo! NewStyleArtsChannel,
a division of CHUM Limited


Produced with the participation of the Bell Broadcast
and New Media Fund

With the assistance of the Canadian Film or Video tax credit

With the assistance of the Government of Ontario
The Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit

Produced in participation with
NRK – Norway
YLE Teema– Finland
Distributed for Television by
Rhombus International

Music for this production was recorded by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
DVD is available on the CBC Records label

A Rhombus Media/marblemedia production

© MMV Burnt Toast TV Inc. All rights reserved.

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Web Credits


  Mark Bishop
Creative Director
  Matthew Hornburg
Interactive Project Manager/Producer
  Cameron Mitchell

Technical Lead
  James Eberhardt
Associate Producer
  Andrew Lane
Creative Lead
  Cameron Mitchell

Interactive Designers
  Shirley Arella
  Chi Nguyen
  Shannon Patterson
  Amanda Roberts
  Tony Walsh

Usability Architect

  Candace Baran

Black Coffee: An Interactive Soap Opera


  Sarah Fenn
Scene Editors
  Ian Maxwell
  Kemal Ally
  Anthony Miceli
Musical Arrangements and Performances by:
  Michael Ella
Additional writing
  Alison Dick
  Andrew Lane
Production Accountant
  Linda Darras

Written by:
  Alex Dallas
Recorded and Mixed by:
  Ryan McCambridge
Male voice by:
  Martin Houtman
Female voice sung by:
  Charlene Pauls

Instrumental music excerpts:

“Music courtesy of The Children’s Group Inc. 
Featuring the Budapest Concert Orchestra, MAV, conductor and music director, Maestro Tamas Gal, produced by Mark D. Goldman.  For more information visit

Wireless Services:

MyThum Interactive

For marblemedia

VP Business & Legal Affairs
  Philippa King
Business & Legal Affairs
  Kelly Lynne Ashton
  Linda Pope
Business Development/ Marketing Coordinator
  Andrew Lane
Sales Consultant
  Rita Carbone Fleury
Post Supervisor
  Renee Campbell
Executive Assistant
  Tricia Griffith
Office Assistant
  Stefanie Gyns
  Michelle Douglas
  Chris Quirk

Rhombus Media
Larry Weinstein
Jessica Daniel
Austin Wong
Chum Interactive
Richard Kanee
Darko Milivojevic
Judy Gladstone, Executive Director
Holmes Creative Communications
Peter Mak
Joanne McCran
Thanks to:
Richard Kanee
Judy Gladstone
Roma Khanna
Larry Weinstein
 Jessica Daniel
Bob Sherrin
Dean Tseretopoulos
Michael Carter
Diane Murenbeeld

Produced with the Financial Participation of:
Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund

Telefilm Canada
Administrator of The New Media Fund
Funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage New Media Fund

Bravo! FACT,
A Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent,
supported by Bravo! NewStyleArtsChannel,
a division of CHUM Limited

Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit

Burnt Toast Interactive produced by:


In Association with:

Rhombus Media

Interactive Sales and Distribution

Rita Carbone Fleury

© MMVI Burnt Toast Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

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